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Prize Props
This is the first Toolkit Story we have made
with the prize we won for our Christmas Story

The character is ‘Twilight Sparkle’. (The nursery children
did a vote to choose a name for her).  Twilight Sparkle is
shy and doesn’t like loud noises (actions).  She is a magic
unicorn. The setting is a park, at night, with lots of tall
trees that sway in the breeze, making all the leaves
fall to the ground (actions).  Twilight Sparkle can
fly way up high in the trees and swoop down low
(actions). The problem is a snowball… “dum, dum,
derrrr!”.  It rolls and knocks down all the trees!!
(actions). Twilight Sparkle is very sad and cries


The solution is a snowman.  He wants to help Twilight Sparkle.  He tells her to cast a spell to make the snowball roll away, so that she can magic all the trees to stand up again. “Abracadabra” (actions).
Hurray!!  The snowball rolls away and the trees are all stood up again in the park!  Twilight Sparkle and the Snowman have a hug – but not for too long as he might melt!!

Twilight Sparkle can once again fly thought the trees at night!!



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