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Here you will find all general letters which have been sent home, so you never need to worry whether you have missed one! They will be archived termly.

We publish all the letters in pdf format. This way you will see the letter exactly as it was when it was sent home. It also means that you can print it out to keep or to fill in any forms which need returning to school

Current letters (latest at the top) include:


Newsletters Date Posted
Newsletter 35 21-06-2017
Newsletter 34 14-06-2017
Newsletter 33 07-06-2017
Newsletter 32 24-05-2017
Newsletter 31 17-05-2017
Newsletter 30 10-05-2017
Newsletter 29 03-05-2017
Newsletter 28 26-04-2017

Newsletter 27

Other Letters Date Posted
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Chick Naming Competition (Town Hall Peregrine Falcon)
This competition is now over and Class 12 were successful in naming one of the chicks - "Perrie"
 * link to falcon webcam * This is still active

May 2017 webcam is taken offline
Providing Critical Incident Support
Advice to parents on how to support their child in the event of a critical incident - provided by Rochdale Educational Psychology Service 2017 in the wake of recent traumatic events.
24th May 2017  
EYFS M6 and Skylight Circus Arts Events
Note: there is a reply slip attached.
Payment is by WisePay
8th May 2017 12th July


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