Bridgenorth Drive, Smithy Bridge, Littleborough. OL15 0ES        tel: 01706 378083                                                     Headteacher:  Mrs J George




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Please Note: This "tour" was specially produced for the school in 2013 using Adobe Flash. Since then, for technical reasons, Adobe Flash has lost favour with manufacturers, particularly of mobile devices, and Adobe have now announced "end of life" for the program in the near future. There are now no modern mobile devices which will run Flash and this will probably be true of computer browsers in the not too distant future. If you cannot see this tour, we apologise for the inconvenience.

Virtual Tour of the School

Welcome to the latest version of our tour. You can either sit back and watch or see the instruction below the screen. To watch this tour you must have Flash Player installed.
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This "movie" will take you on a complete tour of the school in a random order. Moving your mouse to the top right of the picture will enable you to choose your location from the menu. Clcking on the picture will pause the "movie" and you can then navigate the current location by either dragging the mouse or going to the menu revealed at the middle bottom of the picture.





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